Thursday, July 4, 2013

Port Stephens Dolphin Watching and Visiting Armidale Branch

               Senior couples with Temple President Peter Barr    
Flowers aspiring to be trees    

Port Stevens   --   Full of dolphins     

Port Stephens   

Tunnel made by convicts using pick axes      

Primary children at Armidale Branch    

Branch President's wife --   Armidale   

Blue Mountains  --  Eucalyptus  Mist  

The colorful birds and flowers on our street!   

Friday, September 14, 2012

Australia - Sydney All Mission Conference

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Taken in a rush -- before the general authorities came in.   Wish you could have heard the singing of 200 + strong voices.
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I located the Canberra districts and found Elder Shelton  -- the son of Julianne (Judkins) Shelton   ---  the AP's  (Assistants to Pres) told me to look for red hair.   Spotted him at once!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hobbiton -- New Zealand

Last month, we spent a week in the North Island of New Zealand,  so beautiful, but enough latitude lower than Australia, that it was pretty cold.  We'll save the South Island for their summertime!   Our meetings were on the Church campus near the temple, but we rented a car and drove up, around, and over that island, with a couple of ferry boat rides as well.  Here are photos of the Lord of the Rings film location in Mata Mata, about an hour out of Hamilton.   (And why is it called Mata doesn't matta.)